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Hey, friend!

Iโ€™m Jordan Stacy, the newbie business-owner, wannabe farmer, and forever foodie behind Stacyโ€™s Fork.

I recently made the transition from city-life in Columbus, Ohio to farm-life in Springfield with my wonderful fiance, Jim.

I've had a deep love for food for as long as I can remember. In fact, I often describe cooking as my family's love language, and you'll know this to be true if you've ever had the chance to meet them. 

Some of my fondest memories are of walking through the back door of my grandmother's restaurant to find her working on a new recipe with her reading glasses perched on top of her head, a pen behind her ear, and a spoonful of goodness waiting for a taste.

In that kitchen, I learned how to fry some mean Sunday Chicken, make the most of our summer apple haul, and turn a community into a family. 

Later, came my love for agriculture and a passion for finding innovative ways to bridge the gap between those who consume food and those who produce it. I definitely didn't think I'd end up on a farm, but life sure has a funny way of working out. 

My hope for this blog is to be a personal and accessible voice of the agriculture and food industries, and to encourage you to think critically about their integration with one another. I hope to inspire a simpler way of living through seasonal eating, farm-driven cooking, and a renewed focus on what our bodies need. 

Most importantly, I hope this blog makes you feel like you're dining with an old friend or encourages you to do just that. 

Here you'll find recipes, farm tidbits, stories from my childhood, and probably some general ramblings about our hectic new lifestyle.

Thanks for stopping by!